Brazos Valley Emmaus


Board Committee Responsibilties,


Agape Committee Candlelight/Sponsor Hour Committee Communications/Newsletter Gatherings Committee
Kitchen Literature/Supplies Logistics/Set-up Committee Music Committee
Nominations Committee Prayer Vigil/Prayer Chapel Committee Registration Committee Reunion Groups Committee
Team Selection Committee Technology/Website Committee Training Committee Welcoming/Closing Committee


  1. While it is recommended that no one work more than one Walk in a Calendar year (January-December), no one may work on two consecutive Walks. The only exceptions to this policy are persons serving in the Lay Director track (Assistant Lay Directors who then become Lay Directors), Clergy, Outside Team Coordinator, Music Team, and the Board Representative. In the case of an emergency, the Walk's Lay Director may find a replacement person after a consultation with the Team Selection Committee Chair. (Board policy adopted July 2000 Board meeting).
  2. The Outside Coordinator (OC) for each walk will be chosen by the Lay Director and approved by Team Selection Committee. The Committee Chairs will be responsible for selecting and recruiting persons to perform all committee responsibilities before and during the walk. At least one month prior to the Walk, they should provide the OC for the Walk the names of the persons selected for fulltime service and the names of any other committee members who will be coming to the Walk to work part-time and when they will be working. The number of fulltime on-site persons needed from each committee is listed after the committee name. Individuals selected to serve in fulltime capacity during the walk should meet the guidelines approved by the Board for team service. Service in a fulltime capacity is defined by the Board as working in support for all three days of a Walk. Working fulltime on Outside Support counts as a team service, just as does service on the Conference Room Team. (Process approved by Board at July 2000 Board meeting)
  3. It is expected that the committee chairs and the OC will communicate regularly to provide coordination among committees and to keep the OC informed of progress in the preparations for the Walk.

THUS – each of the committees listed below should have a group of folks who serve on this committee – the chair is simply the leader.  The committees will service both Men’s and Women’s Walks.  Committee members should be recruited so that as many different folks from many geographical areas serve as possible. The support tasks that are done prior to the Walk may be done by the same or different folks for each Walk.  The support tasks that are done during the Walk may be done by BVEC members of either gender for any Walk.  Sufficient committee members should be recruited that no one on the committee serves on support on a fulltime basis on more than one Walk a year (see background #1 above).  Part-time tasks should also be shared among as many volunteers as possible.  NONE of the committee task listings given below are intended to be accomplished just by the committee chair(s), but by a group of folks, so that the load is light and many are involved.

Basic Understandings:
  • The entire team (conference room and support) are at the Walk to serve the pilgrims.  Both conference room team and support team folks are essential to the weekend even happening, and no person on the team is better or more important than any other. (read the Emmaus Team Canon).
  • A copy of these guidelines should be included in the conference room team manual to help the conference room team members who have not served on a Walk understand what the support folks are doing and when.  However, everyone should be encouraged to serve at least part-time on support prior to serving in the conference room.
  • Everyone (conference room and support) should remember to observe silence after chapel on Thursday evening until chapel on Friday morning – talking when necessary should be in whispers.
  • Everyone who agrees to serve on either conference room or support teams should honor their commitment if at all possible.  If an emergency occurs, the LD replaces conference room members in consultation with the team selection committee; the support committee chair replaces support team members after consultation with the OC.
  • Both full-time and part-time support folks should be identified and scheduled prior to the weekend.  Full-time support folks are expected, part-time folks are invited, to attend a support team meeting before the weekend, scheduled, when possible, concurrent with the last conference room team meeting so that Communion and lunch can be shared.  There are sometimes occasions when additional or replacement support folks are needed.  Volunteers able to come out to camp to help anytime during the weekend should let the OC know their name/phone number so that the OC can call them if their help is needed.
  • The support team role is somewhat similar to the role of servants in a wealthy household – handling their tasks behind the scenes, mostly invisibly, without peer interaction with the household, but with friendly smile and helpful manner.  Thus, if a support team person comes in contact with a pilgrim, the expected response is to smile, offer a friendly greeting such as “good morning”, respond briefly and cheerfully to any inquiry by the pilgrim, but NOT have further conversation.  Any questions by team to pilgrim related to the weekend such as “How is the weekend going?” or “How do you like your walk so far?” or “How did you like Dying Moments?” are definitely inappropriate.
  • The support team may be seen working in the background, but they do not cabin with, eat with, worship with, or visit with the pilgrims.  Since many on the support team have tasks during the conference room’s mealtimes, they will need to go thru the line and eat either before or after the conference room group.  The support team should sit at their own table in the dining room.
  • It is ok for the pilgrims to see the support team in the dining room – in fact, it may be helpful for the support team to take a pitcher of iced tea, water or coffee around and refill glasses/cups during the meal.  Also a support person may be needed to carry the tray of a pilgrim who needs help with their tray.
  • The support team should have regular worship/devotional times, daily communion, and spend time in the speaker prayer chapel praying.  A copy of each talk will also be available in the speaker prayer chapel for reading by support team, except when being used by that speaker’s prayer partner when a talk is being given.
  • While the support team members will each have responsibility for tasks based on the committee that they are on, the team should cooperate and assist each other as needed.  When someone has time to assist someone else, they should offer assistance.
Coordination between Conference room team and Support team.
  1. To facilitate communication, one of the ALDs should be designated as the support liaison and regularly slip out of the conference room during project time to let support know if the conference room is on schedule.  This ALD should also check the needs list regularly and notify the OC of requests – and if additional ice/food is needed on the snack table, notify the OC or one of the logistics folks (be sure that this ALD is introduced to the logistics folks).  The OC can also slip into the back of the conference room (except during talks) to gain needed information.
  2. The ALDs will post the general agape letters, hang posters/projects after they are presented at the poster party, and post agape gift cards (which the agape crew will leave in the conference room for them) as needed.
  3. Of the three copies of the talk that they collect from each speaker, ALDs will give one copy of each talk to the speaker prayer chapel person.  It will be helpful if this is done as early in the weekend as possible.
  4. ALDs handle talk banners, posters, props and handouts, and if a specific agape item is to be distributed after a talk, they will distribute it.  Such agape items will be placed by the agape crew in the ALDs chair with a note of explanation attached as to when it should be distributed.
  5. One ALD should be designated to work with speakers: notify speakers when time to change clothes, escort speaker to speaker prayer chapel (if speakers change clothes in an area adjoining the speaker prayer chapel, it will simplify schedule as well as prevent speaker from being seen as they walk to the prayer chapel) and then to the conference room.  The speaker prayer chapel person will lead the prayer time together with those prayer partners who have come to support the speaker.
  6. One ALD should be designated to work with the book table while it is available in the conference room.  This person should be visible by the book table during breaks on Saturday and again on Sunday morning, collecting monies in a money pouch and updating the inventory listing of books to indicate when one is sold.  Sunday noon, they should give the money pouch and inventory listing to the OC.
  7. Las Mananitas is not in the model.  Basically it is a time of waking the pilgrims with singing and giving them juice/coffee and t-shirt or other items.  This waking/singing is done by the conference room team of same gender.  If table leaders/asst table leaders are in cabins with pilgrims, then it is done by the ALDs, music, clergy of same gender, although TL/ATLs can arise and assist when others enter the cabin/room.

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Registration COMMITTEE

Prior to Walk:
  1. Receives registrations and sends letter/postcard within a week of receipt to both pilgrim and sponsor acknowledging receipt of registration and giving status - confirmed for walk, waiting list, etc.
  2. Include in the acknowledgement letter any forms omitted and request that they be completed and returned. Collecting forms early will minimize confusion at the registration table.
  3. Include in the letter to the pilgrim a list of items that will be needed during the walk; sponsor s letter should include the site location/driving instructions, info on Sponsor s Hour and arrival time, sample letter for requesting letter agape, instructions on labeling the letters from sponsor/spouse/family/close friends. Request to bring pilgrim s favorite snack and drink for the snack table.
  4. Continually update the Data Base person with pilgrim names as they register so the names can be listed on the website.
  5. Send a reminder card or e-mail 10 days in advance of the walk reminding both the pilgrim and sponsor of the event, and requesting return information on any change in plans ASAP.
  6. Keeps LD, and others needing the information, list pilgrim registered for weekend, including dietary and special needs.
  7. Monitors mail and forwards to Board members

During Walk: (0 fulltime, 1-2 parttime on Thursday evening and then creating roster)
  1. Checks in pilgrims upon arrival and rechecks personal data and health needs.
  2. Takes pilgrim roster to chapel for Sponsor's Hour.
  3. Creates and duplicates pilgrim roster with name/postal address/phones/birthday/local church/email address and brings these roster copies back to camp as soon as possible so that they may be collated into the closing packets.  Make enough copies for the entire conference room group plus the fulltime support group.

Updated 10/09/2007

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Wall Agape for other communities.

Prior to Walk
  1. Recruits agape coordinators to serve for a year in each of the regional towns of BVEC.
  2. Sets up regional drop-off points to receive agape prior to weekend.
  3. Logs in agape as it is received prior to Walk, labeling with count and attaching agape card.  (Agape card is a card on which the item of agape and its giver are written – these cards are posted in the conference room after that agape item is distributed – with the first cards being posted on Friday afternoon after agape is introduced by the SD.)
  4. Arranges for special agape needs (journals, secretary books, worship book covers, pilgrim candles, letter bags, lanyards, nametags, bed tags, bathroom cups, conference room cups, God watches, earplugs, closing packet envelopes, closing agape bags with handles)
  5. Solicits food and drink agape for the Walk, including snacks, sodas, water for snack table (this is in addition to those items brought by team for snack table), juice for Las Mananitas.
  6. Brings tape, markers, gallon ziplock bags, brown bags/trays for use in labeling or sorting or distributing agape.
  7. Makes sure someone experienced in organizing agape is in agape room on Thurs aft/evening to help organize agape for distribution.

During Walk: (2 fulltime, 2-3 parttime on Thurs to help with organizing agape, 3-4 on Sat to sort letters and collate closing packets)
  1. Sets up decorated boxes (stored in trailer) to receive agape and agape letters at Sponsor's Hour and at Candlelight.
  2. Organizes agape on Thursday afternoon/evening for distribution:
    1. Counts each agape item and writes amount on package
    2. Arranges agape into three amounts: A) just enough for pilgrims, B) just enough for table groups (pilgrims plus table leaders, asst table leaders), C) enough for entire conference room team.  Items are then scheduled for distribution – A is pillow agape, B is conference room agape, and C can go in dining room, conference room, or on pillows.
    3. Distribute each agape gift as far as it will go based on its amount.  But be sure that there is enough for everyone in that category.  For example – do not place on conference room tables if there is not enough for all pilgrims and table leaders/asst leaders.
    4. One method of organization is to label brown paper sacks with the various times that agape goes out and place items in the sack, so that the sack can just be grabbed and taken to distribute when the time comes.
    5. Thursday evening pillow agape is limited to earplugs and a chocolate kiss/mint.  The idea is to start with small amounts and increase amounts during the weekend – not distribute agape items uniformly during the weekend.
    6. Some agape may be sent for a specific time – such as right after a specific talk – note these items and handle with special care.
    7. Try to spread similar items throughout the weekend: example: distribute a mint/candy item each meal rather than having two mints/candies distributed at the same time.
    8. Some agape will arrive with first comers on Thursday, more will arrive with sponsors, and yet more will arrive at Candlelight – so be flexible.
    9. ALL agape items sent for a walk should be distributed – not saved for another walk.  If more of an item than needed is sent, then leftovers of that item should be returned to the giver.
  3. Distributes agape during weekend in cabins, dining hall, and conference room at times when pilgrims are not there:
    1. Place agape neatly – pillow agape neatly on pillow (straighten bedcovers/pillow if needed), conference room agape neatly at each place, dining room agape neatly on table leaving room for trays to be set down.
    2. Go to dining room immediately after meals and remove leftover agape.  Take leftover agape to agape room and sort into bags for return to givers.
    3. Pillow agape goes out while pilgrims are in conference room or chapel:
      1. Thurs during film
      2. Friday late morning after pictures are taken, early afternoon when pilgrims are in conference room, after the supper break.
      3. Saturday during morning (the bags for accumulating agape should be pillow agape and put out at this point), during early afternoon, after the supper break
      4. Sunday during morning
    4. Conference room agape goes out while pilgrims are not in conference room:
      1. Pens/pencils, journals set on tables Thurs night after helping logistics setup conference room.
      2. Friday: Table cups stacked sorted by table for ALDs to distribute to tables after tables are assigned, agape put on tables while pilgrims are at lunch and again while they are at supper (give out worship book covers at this time), put out Saturday morning agape when helping logistics changeout conference room after poster party.
      3. Saturday: while pilgrims are at lunch and at supper; put out Sunday morning table agape when helping logistics changeout conference room after Candlelight
      4. Sunday: put out while pilgrims are at lunch
    5. Dining Room agape is set out whenever convenient prior to each meal.
  4. Complete cards for each agape gift and either post in conference room when in there putting out that agape or give to ALD to post after that agape is distributed.  ALDs can post these cards in the conference room while tables are having discussions or doing projects.
  5. Collates closing packet envelope contents.  Make an extra complete pilgrim packet for the SD to use when going over the packet contents
    1. Label each envelope with pilgrim name using provided labels. Sort by table.
    2. Pictures: each envelope gets a picture of the entire conference room group; each table gets a picture of their table group, LD and SD get pictures of each table group
    3. Other contents: team and pilgrim rosters go in all envelopes; Emmaus Walk applications, sponsor forms and Team service applications, Chrysalis Flight applications and team service applications go in pilgrim envelopes.  Listing of reunion groups and Gatherings goes in pilgrim envelopes.  4th day books go into pilgrim envelopes.
    4. Any letters for team members are placed in their closing packet.
    5. NO gifts are allowed in the letter bags and should be returned to the sponsor or else placed into their closing agape bag along with the ziplock bag of letters after commissioning during closing.
  6. Sort pilgrim letters.  Shoe hangers are in the trailer for facilitating this task.
    1. Label the sections on the shoe hanger and label letterbags.  Sort the letters into the shoe hanger sections.
    2. Letters labeled as from the sponsor, family and close friends are to go into the first letterbag.  Place 12 letters per pilgrim into letter bags and sort by table for distribution.  Place letter bags in large box for transport and take during lunch on Sunday to wherever they will be distributed.
    3. Place remaining letters into a labeled ziplock bags.  Sort ziplock extras by cabin.
  7. Label name and cabins on the closing bags with handles and sort by table, using colorful yarn or something similar to loosely tie them together by table.  Place in conference room during lunch for ALDs to distribute at appropriate time.
  8. Works with logistics to move closing bags from commissioning service to cabins and get the remaining letters in ziplock into matching closing bag on pilgrim bed.  Match name on closing bag with bed tag.
  9. Assists logistics with flashlights to provide path lighting between conference room and chapel, then chapel and cabins at night.

During and After Walk:

Sorts leftover agape by giver and takes to next gathering to return to giver

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Logistics COMMITTEE:

Prior to Walk:
  1. Arranges for photographer and picture developing/reprints for closing packet
  2. Arranges for food, drink, and other items for Las Mananitas as requested by LD
  3. Arranges for extra folks to come in on Thursday afternoon to help set up.
  4. Brings tape, scissors, markers, string, yarn, paper, computer, printer, stapler, posterboard, hole punch in container for use as needed.

During Walk: (3 fulltime, 3-4 Part-time on Thursday to help with setup)
Thursday before 6 pm:
  1. Provides copies of cabin/room assignments for support to use during the weekend
  2. Posts door tags to outside of cabin/room
  3. Posts needs list in conference room, checks list regularly when pilgrims out of conference room, checks with an ALD who checks the list in-between, procures requested items
  4. Makes bed tags available in proper cabin/room for identifying bed
  5. Sets up conference room for first evening, including tv/vcr for film, and shows an ALD how to operate the system.  Sometimes at Kickapoo, the dining room is set up with chairs for the film and the conference room is closed off so that it can be setup for Friday whenever possible during the afternoon or evening.  Check with LD for their preference if at Kickapoo.
  6. Distributes bathroom items in cabin/room bathrooms: paper towels/soap, bathmats, feminine products, toiletries (small soaps, razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo) in baskets.
  7. Hang banners in closet near conference room
  8. Distributes bathroom items in conference room bathrooms (paper towels/soap, feminine products)
  9. Set up chapel for team worship (with communion), sponsors’ hour, evening chapel services including placing study lamp on lectern with extension cord taped to floor to prevent tripping, placing tissues on pews.
  10. Be sure that worship books are stacked near rear of chapel for distribution by ALDs.
  11. Set large wooden cross in chapel – in view for team worship and sponsor’s.
  12. Prepares pilgrim candles by labeling with name and inserting votive candles.  Place on altar.  Place lighter on altar beside candles.
  13. Set up snack table in room where film will be shown with coffee, sodas, and small cookies or similar snack item.  Be sure that ice chest has ice for drinks, that drink cooler has iced waters and juices.  Cold drink cups will be needed this evening.

Thursday during film:
  1. Set up luminaries if needed between conference room and chapel; if at Tejas move luminaries to between chapel and cabins during chapel time.
  2. Move large wooden cross from view.  If agape collection boxes are still in chapel, take to agape room.  If pilgrim lanyards are still in chapel, take to speaker prayer chapel.
  3. Light candles in chapel just prior to conference room chapel services, leaving before conference room group arrives at chapel.

Thursday after film (Tejas) or earlier if at Kickapoo:
  1. Provides flashlights to provide path lighting between conference room and chapel, then chapel and cabins at night.
  2. Sets up conference room for Friday, putting tablecloths, table plants (if desired) with caterpillar on stick, table names, craft boxes, Bibles on tables, removing trash, sweeping/vacuuming, etc.
  3. Sets up craft supply table
  4. Sets up Snack table for next morning, without opening food containers.
  5. Check needs list in conference room, procure requested items

  1. Makes coffee before team wake-up in the morning
  2. Lights candles in chapel just prior to chapel services, leaving before conference room group arrives at chapel
  3. Sets up snack table in conference room for morning while pilgrims are eating breakfast, for afternoon while pilgrims are eating lunch, for evening while pilgrims are eating supper. Be sure that ice chest has ice for drinks, that drink cooler has iced waters and juices, that food is fresh.  Slice cakes.  Pour chips into serving bowls or baskets lined with napkins. Be sure napkins are on table.  The conference room drink cups can be used for cold drinks, but small hot cups need to be provided for coffee.
  4. Check needs list while setting up snack table in conference room, procure requested items
  5. Purchases any needed snacks or drinks for snack table.
  6. Assists photographer in taking pictures and then oversees picture developing/reprints.
  7. Sets up book table on Friday night, covering with cloth which ALD can remove just prior to Study talk
  8. Sets up, decorates chapel for services as needed, including communion for early morning chapel, check tissues in pews
  9. Sets up conference room for next day after conference room leaves for chapel, including rinsing out drink cups and changing tablecloths (if desired) and removing trash, sweeping/vacuuming, etc.  If table plants are being used, replace the caterpillar on stick with the cocoon on stick.
  10. Change/clean/refresh conference room as needed during mealtimes when it is empty, removing trash as needed
  11. Clean/straighten cabins, clean/restock bathrooms as needed
  12. Hold flashlights to provide path lighting between conference room and chapel, then chapel and cabins at night.

  1. Makes coffee before team wake-up in the morning
  2. Gives pilgrim candles new votive candle as needed
  3. Light candles in chapel just prior to chapel services, leaving before conference room group arrives at chapel
  4. Set up, decorate chapel for services as needed, including Dying Moments communion with basket, check tissues in pews
  5. Check needs list in conference room, procure requested items
  6. Change/clean/refresh conference room as needed during mealtimes when it is empty, removing trash as needed
  7. Sets up snack table in conference room for morning while pilgrims are eating breakfast, for afternoon while pilgrims are eating lunch, for evening while pilgrims are eating supper.
  8. Sets up nighttime lighting, luminaries, etc as neede
  9. Take luminaries, candles, tissue packets, and individual candleholders from trailer, pilgrim candles from chapel (place these in box for travel) to church or other candlelight location prior to 6:30 PM for setup at church by Candlelight crew
  10. Return luminaries, candles, pilgrim candles, and tissues to camp, placing them in proper trailer location or chapel as appropriate.
  11. Cleans cabins, cleans/restocks bathrooms as needed
  12. Sets up conference room after Candlelight for next day, including rinsing out drink cups and changing tablecloths and removing trash, sweeping/vacuuming, etc.  If table plants are being used, replace the cocoon on stick with the butterfly on stick.  At this time the craft boxes should be removed from the tables and packed away.  The craft table should be emptied and packed away.  Containers should be placed out-of-the way for loading by the trailer crew.

  1. Makes coffee before team wake-up in the morning.
  2. Helps set juice/coffee/cups/t-shirts outside the pilgrim cabins/rooms for distribution to pilgrims by conference room team at Las Mananitas.
  3. Sets up area to be used for distribution of letter bags and commissioning, being sure that letter bags are properly sorted by table and that lanyards and service sheets are sorted into same order.
  4. Check needs list in conference room, procure requested items
  5. Change/clean/refresh conference room as needed during mealtimes when it is empty, removing trash as needed
  6. Sets up snack table in conference room for morning while pilgrims are eating breakfast, for afternoon while pilgrims are eating lunch.
  7. At noon, repacks books from book table and take box of remaining books and money pouch to agape room.
  8. After commissioning, works with agape team to move closing agape and letter bags to cabins and place ziplock of additional letters into matching closing agape bag with handles.
  9. Moves leftover food to closing feast when conference room being setup for closing
  10. Collects all banners and delivers to Trailer Committee
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Speakers Prayer Chapel COMMITTEE

Prior to Walk
  1. Contacts speakers prior to walk and gets listing of possible prayer partners
  2. Contacts the possible prayer partners and invites them to come to camp to pray with speaker.
  3. Sends reminder letter/card to prayer partners which includes instructions on how to get to the camp, the location of the speaker prayer chapel at camp, the date/time of talk and when they are expected to arrive.

During Walk (1 fulltime)
  1. Places pilgrim crosses on lanyards, labels them, takes them to sponsor's hour and then to speaker prayer chapel after sponsor's hour until time for commissioning.
  2. Prepares speaker prayer chapel (not same room as regular chapel) by setting up altar with candle, cross, Bible, chairs, kneeling area; prepares space to store speaker's clothing and place for speakers to change clothes if speaker is staying in pilgrim cabin
  3. Prepares prayer request basket/box for conference room and checks it regularly throughout weekend
  4. Retrieves copies of talks from the ALD who is collecting them and keeps in chapel all weekend so that the prayer partners may read them during the speaker’s talk and so that the support team can read them if desired.
  5. Greets speaker’s prayer partners as they arrive – waiting outside the building to show them location if needed.
  6. Prays for speakers, prayer requests, anyone who wishes to come in and be prayed with, and empty slots on prayer vigil
  7. Keeps up with speaker hand cross and makes sure that speakers take cross with them from prayer chapel to conference room when they are speaking
  8. Prepares meditations for support team communion services if pastor is not available
  9. Prepares and leads other meditation services for support team
  10. Assists logistics with flashlights to provide path lighting between conference room and chapel, then chapel and cabins at night.
  11. Dismantle prayer chapel after last speaker's prayer of thanksgiving, repacking any trailer items into appropriate containers and set beside trailer.
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During Walk (0 fulltime, 6-8 parttime on Thursday evening)
  1. Check in at camp with Outside Coordinator (OC) by 5:45 PM Thursday
  2. Directs traffic from camp entrance as instructed by OC
  3. Greets pilgrims and sponsors in unloading zone, helps unload vehicle, helps carry luggage to cabin/room, assists sponsors to make-up beds
  4. Attaches pilgrims bed name tag onto bed
  5. Direct pilgrims and sponsors to gathering area

During Walk (0 fulltime, 6-8 parttime on Thursday evening)
  1. Check in at camp with OC by 6:00 pm on Saturday.
  2. Directs traffic from camp entrance as instructed by OC for purposes of Candlelight parking

During Walk (0 fulltime, 6-8 parttime on Thursday evening)
  1. Check in at camp with Outside Coordinator (OC) by ??? PM Sunday
  2. Directs traffic from camp entrance as instructed by OC for the purpose of Closing Ceremony parking.
  3. Greets pilgrims and sponsors at cabins, helps carry luggage from cabin/room, assists sponsors to load vehicle.

Updated 10/09/2007

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Sponsor's Hour COMMITTEE

Prior to Walk
  1. Arranges with Community Spiritual Director and Community Music Director for pastor and musicians for Thursday evening service.
  2. Prepares worship bulletin for service after it is planned by pastor leading service.

During Walk (0 fulltime, 1-2 parttime on Thursday evening)
  1. Arrives at camp by 6:30 pm Thursday with worship bulletins for service
  2. Checks to be sure that pilgrim candles and lanyards are in chapel and that pilgrim roster is on lectern.
  3. Appoint helpers as needed to hand cross to Sponsors and light candles
  4. Assists pastor and musicians as needed.
  5. Straightens chapel afterward, taking agape items to Agape room if agape folks have not picked them up.

Updated 10/09/2007

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Candlelight COMMITTEE

Prior to Walk
  1. Arranges with Community Lay Director for pastor for service (after consultation with LD)
  2. Arranges with Community Music Director for musicians for service.
  3. Arrange with Candlelight Clergy for those to help serve Communion including asking spouse of LD to assist (if spouse has been on a Walk) and take up offering
  4. Check with Outside Team to make sure there are 2 sets of community communion ware at the church for service, along with juice and bread.
  5. Checks on the candles & candle holders for service. Making sure they are delivered to the church and that fresh candles are provided as necessary.
  6. Make sure there are at least two working lighters.
  7. Arrange location for bins for Pilgrim letters and agape.

During Walk (0 fulltime, 5-6 parttime on Saturday evening)
  1. Arrives at church about 6:30 pm for Candlelight
  2. Checks with Outside Coordinator to make sure they have taken care of the luminaries that are to be set outside church (lights them, picks them up, repacks into boxes after candles cool).
  3. Prepares community candle holders with fresh candles, makes candles available for pickup by community upon arrival, collect candles after service. Candles are NOT kept in the trailer due to excess heat.
  4. Sets up communion elements.
  5. Locates offering plates for use during service.
  6. Places pilgrim roster on lectern (provided by Outside Team)
  7. Arranges for someone to write down towns that those at Candlelight are from and places this info on lectern.
  8. Community Lay Director will do announcements or appoint someone, such as: Next Walk Dates, Next Gathering Dates & Location, Restroom location, Shirt purchase, How to light your candle, Song Jesus Jesus page #, Keep your candles low, Raise candles briefly when your town is called, How to exit rows, etc.
  9. Turn down lights as you are notified that Pilgrims are on their way.
  10. Be the last person out of the chapel and turn lights back up as you exit the church and remove luminaries and community candles for storage in a cool place.
  11. Take agape items and letters to Agape room if agape folks have not picked them up.

Updated 10/09/2007

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Prior to Walk
  1. Provides listing of books from previous Walks to LD for consideration/input
  2. Orders books
  3. Prepares books - being sure that each book has its price affixed in some way or that there is a listing of books with prices.

During Walk (0 fulltime, 1 parttime on Friday and Sunday)
  1. Takes books and cash box with change to camp to Agape room before Friday evening.
  2. Returns on Sunday to pick up box of remaining books, inventory list and money pouch

After Walk
  1. Returns unsold books and checks inventory list with bookstore
  2. Delivers money to treasurer.
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Outside Coordinator


Prior to Walk:
  1. Checks trailer inventory list before walk and acquires needed items
  2. Checks with committees and confirms their plans and progress and obtains the names of the folks who will be handling the onsite duties, both full-time and part-time, during the Walk.
  3. Creates a roster of the Support team (both full-time and part-time) for the Walk.
  4. Reports to LD on support activities and status and receives any specific instructions
  5. Coordinates with LD on contact and arrangements for camp facilities
  6. Collects monies from support team that will have meals and/or lodging at camp.
  7. Hold a team meeting with those serving full-time on support team, although those serving part-time are welcome to attend. This could be held concurrently with last team meeting for conference room team when they can share communion, lunch and commissioning.
    1. Give each support person a listing of duties and abbreviated conference room schedule for weekend
    2. Go over the schedule and all tasks so that everyone on Support understands what everyone else will be doing and how it all fits together.
    3. Allow time for the committee chairs to provide additional information/training for their members.
    4. Review financial costs for support team.
    5. Organize prayer partners for support team members.

During Walk:
  1. Coordinates weekend support activities
  2. Serves as liaison between support and conference room, entering back of conference room quietly during discussions/projects to obtain information if needed
  3. Helps as needed with various tasks
  4. Updates support team roster and duplicates for closing packet.
  5. Keeps listing of workers, nights spent at site, meals eaten.

After Walk:
  1. Gives copy of roster of support team, indicating committee role and full or part-time service to database person for service records.
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Gatherings Committee

Duties Include:
  1. Arrange for a facility to hold an Emmaus Gathering the first Saturday of every month, except December. There is no gathering in December.
  2. Arrange for a contact person at every gathering facility. This contact person is to be a member of the Emmaus community and a member of the church that is hosting the Gathering.
  3. Set program and schedule and follow-up with participants. This will help keep the gatherings consistent and fresh. Email a copy of the schedule and duties of host church to all participants.
  4. Make sure host church understands their responsibilities which are as follows:
    • Set up for food, provide paper supplies and drinks, ice.
    • Set up sound, projector and screen
    • Get 4th Day Speaker
    • Provide communion supplies (bread and wine) and set up altar for communion
    • Arrange for childcare during service
    • Arrange for offering, child care is deducted from the offering and the balance is split between the host church and the community.

updated 10/09/2007

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Training Committee

The Training Committee has one goal:

To help ensure that the BVEC is working on the same sheet of music as prepared by the Walk to Emmaus National Guidelines.

To this end, it is proposed that:
  1. A small training event b e available at every BVEC Gathering
  2. That BVEC and National guidelines be introduced to walk teams at their Team meetings.
  3. Lay Directors be trained as soon as possible after they are elected and as often afterwards as they require or request.
  4. BVEC Board be trained in regards to the various duties and responsibilities they have accepted as Board members.
The Training Committee will consist of members from towns throughout the BVEC area.

It is requested that Board members give suggestions to the Training Committee if there are concerns that they have about any facet of the BVEC that might be cleared up by a training effort.

updated 10/09/2007

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Team Selection Committee

Consists of:
  • Board Member who serves as Committee Chair
  • Community Spiritual Director
  • Three or four other members of the Emmaus community (nonboard members) who have a broad awareness of the Emmaus community membership and a solid understanding of team needs.

The Team Selection Committee will meet NLT 4 months prior to date of Walk (Manual, page 22).
  1. The Team Selection Process should assure: (Manual, page 21)
    1. The selection of a strong and balanced team after prayer and reflection on the gifts, experience, and needs of the community members (Manual, page 21).
    2. The selection of a team that represents a broad involvement of the Emmaus community (Manual, page 21).
    3. The selection of a team that cultivates new leadership for future Walks and the community (Manual, page 21).
    4. the selection process, paying attention to what individual people need to grow in grace and authentic servanthood (Manual, page 21).
  2. The Selection Team selects individuals with progressive servanthood in mind (i.e. The progression of responsibilities starts with support roles and then moves into the conference room. Entry positions for the Conference Room Team are either Assistant Table Leader (and possibly speaker) or Table Leader (and possibly speaker). Experience in both positions is necessary before progressing to Assistant Lay Director (Manual, page 23).
  3. The Selection Team Committee will strive to staff each team with approximately one-third new conference room team members, one-third second or third-time team members, and one-third team veterans (Manual, page 25).
  4. While at least one of the three Assistant Lay Directors should be experienced and confident in this role, at least one should be new to the job. This not only gives the Lay Director and team confidence that the Assistant Lay Director s work will be accomplished with competence but also trains new Assistant Lay Directors for future teams (Manual, page 25).
  5. The Team Selection Committee should strive for a sound balance of theological orientations and religious styles on teams. Teams dominated by any one Christian perspective do not represent the diversity and unity of the church (Manual, page 25).

updated 10/09/2007

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Music Committee

Consists of:
  • Board Member who serves as Committee Chair
  • Other members as needed of the Emmaus community (nonboard members) who have a broad awareness of the Emmaus community membership and a solid understanding of team needs.

The Music Committee is responsible for arranging music for all Emmaus Events.
  1. The Music Committee Chairperson will assist the Support Coordinator in choosing a music/entertainment team for the Banquet on Saturday night, using the list of musicians provided by the Music Committee Chairperson.
  2. The Music Committee Chairperson will arrange for a BAND to provide music and entertainment for our Hullabaloo Event in August.
  3. The Music Committee Chairperson will arrange for music teams for all gatherings, working with the Church or reunion group that is hosting the Gathering.
  4. The Music Committee Chairperson is responsible for all updates, changes and corrections to our Blue Music Book and our Green Music Book.
  5. The Music Committee Chairperson is required to insure that the conference room music team is supplied with the Green Music Book at least 3 months prior to a walk.

updated 11/28/2007

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