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High School Chrysalis Flights

Each Flight is limited to 24 Candidates who will have completed grades 9-12 before the coming summer.  Please check the for upcoming flights.

Chrysalis Forms

Note: These forms are in pdf format.
Use Acrobat Reader to access/print the files.

Chrysalis History

Previous Flights!

Support for Chrysalis

Planning for Chrysalis Flights continues. Application forms for Candidates and Team members are available - and applications are being accepted. Folks are needed to publicize the Flights, encourage sponsors to sign up Candidates, and locate eligible team members. Youth team members who serve in the conference room should have completed a flight previously.
A listserv for communication within the planning group has been established. If you would like to join the listserv, please click the link to email News with this request.

Chrysalis Hoots

At this time Chrysalis Butterflies are attending Emmaus Gatherings in lieu of separate Hoots. If you would like to host a Chrysalis Hoot, please notify our Board member for gatherings.
Please contact Chrysalis Registrar
for additional information.
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